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Ride as a Team

When you ask your friends and family to join your team and in turn they start asking others too, the ball starts rolling and before you know it - your team has grown into dozens of people asking dozens of people! It can grow into five, ten, maybe as many as a hundred people who would not otherwise have known about The Ride to Conquer Cancer. So get started and recruit your teammates today!

NOTE: Each team member is still required to raise his or her minimum fundraising requirement individually. We encourage team members to raise even more! The purpose of a team is to support each individual in doing more, not less, than they could do on their own.


When you form a team, you create a group of people that can train together and raise money together. It is a great way to keep your motivation up and your fundraising on track. You can hold each other accountable and keep each other company along the way. Having others to lean on, and having others count on you, will push you to get up a little earlier in the morning, or head out in the cold or heat to ride those extra kilometres. Plus, it makes The Ride that much more fun when you’re surrounded by a group of friends, who are as committed to conquering cancer as you are.


If you are not registered yet, you can start a team during the registration process. Already registered as a solo rider? Give our Ride Guides a call at 888-771-2453 [BIKE] to get your team started! It takes 5 minutes!


Here are some ways you can Ride with a team:

  • Ask another Rider you meet at an Orientation or Training Ride.
  • Call a Ride Guide to find other Riders who are looking to be part of a team.
  • Form a team around your family. It is a bonding experience that you will never forget.
  • Start a team with the people you work with. Talk to your Human Resources Director about the value in sharing this experience, and the ways in which it could boost company morale. If you have already registered as a Rider or Crew Member for The Ride to Conquer Cancer, you can register your team by calling 888-771-2453 [BIKE]

If you haven't registered to participate yet, you can register yourself and your team at the same time. If you're using the online participant registration form, just select "Start a Team" (or "Join a Team" if you are registering for the first time as a member of an already existing team).


Looking for a team to join? Now is the time!

There are many teams throughout the province that are open to taking on new team members. Already registered as an individual Rider? You can join any of those teams at any time! Just give us a call at 888-771-2453 [BIKE] and we will be happy to make the change for you.

*By joining a team, you are agreeing to share your contact information with your team captain for team activities and communications.

Team Name:

Team Details:

Team Captain: Leslie Landell & Cindy Dopson:

Area: Lower Mainland

Notes: Ride as a ‘partner in discovery’ with staff and friends of the BC Cancer Foundation and BC Cancer Agency. All skill/experience levels welcome. Bring your initiative and passion for the cause; we will share our experience, tips and passion back. Group training rides and group fundraising

Team Captain: Paul Chapman

Area: North Shore

Notes: Group fundraisers & training rides

Team Captain: Kelly Hobbis

Area: Burnaby and Port Coquitlam

Notes: First 30 registered riders get a free jersey, group training rides from all 4 Cap's Westwood Cycle locations: http://westwoodcycle.ca/

Team Captain: Chris Campbell

Area: Richmond and Port Coquitlam

Notes: Group Fundraising, group training rides, team jerseys and shorts and FUN!

Team Captain: Raymond Dich

Area: North Burnaby/East Van

Notes: We are not your typical cycling club. We bike, we train but most importantly throw some awesome parties to fundraise money. Join us for a good time. Please visit www.conquestcycling.com

Team Captain: Garry Norkum

Area: Kelowna

Notes: Group training rides

Team Captain: Claire Spencer

Area: Cowichan Valley

Notes: Group training rides, group fundraising, jersey provided once fundraising minimum is met

Team Captain: Dan McKay

Area: Victoria

Notes: Group training rides starting in March 2015, group fundraising, jerseys

Team Captain: Sergio Hsia

Area: Downtown Vancouver

Notes: Group training rides every Saturday & Sunday, group fundraisers, Gastown Cycling is open to new Members. Because we are a non-profit organization sanctioned under Cycling BC, we have a few criteria that all members have to follow: Become a Member of Gastown Cycling, Purchase a Cycling BC License, & Obey all Cycling BC & Gastown Cycling bylaws

Team Captain: Christina Laplante

Area: Pitt Meadows, Lower Mainland

Notes: Group fundraising, group rides, passionate about the cause and understand that this ride is about raising money; wanting to do it to be fit is not the goal here! There are gyms for that! Pay for the registration fee, free team jerseys, plus other benefits, like-minded passionate people who want to make a difference.

Team Captain: Craig Rawlyk

Area: Tri-Cities

Notes: Group rides (during winter months our rides are weather dependant; in the spring, we post regular rides on their website and will have a weekly ride schedule in the final two months leading up to the ride), group fundraising, equal effort in provides equal division of fundraising results out. Learn more at www.themotleycrew.ca

Team Captain: Frederic Robinson

Area: Nanaimo

Notes: Group rides, group fundraising, team jackets, all proceeds from the team support the Vancouver Island Cancer Agency directly

Team Captain: Chris Gray

Area: North Shore

Notes: Group training rides, group fundraising, free jersey upon joining and jacket or shorts once fundraising minimum has been met

Team Captain: Jimi Brockett, Katy Varaleau, Stewart Macleod

Area: All over the GVRD with strong presences in Vancouver, Bby, Richmond, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Langley and Surrey.

Notes: Riders for Ryders - why - http://youtu.be/tPaFXizCWEc & why 33? - http://youtu.be/bFpIp3Q884c - group training rides, group fundraising, great supportive team

Team Captain: Alf Kempf

Area: Kelowna

Notes: Group training rides

Team Captain: Ron Andreychuk

Area: White Rock, Lower Mainland

Notes: Group training rides, group fundraising

Team Captain: Alf Kempf

Area: Vancouver

Notes: Group training rides, group fundraisers

Team Captain: Patrick Sullivan

Area: Lower Mainland

Notes: Must be prepared to have fun, run, jump, bounce, dance, sing, smile, love, and ride, and to wear pink! Group rides and group fundraising. Visit www.teamfinn.com to learn more about Finn, Team Finn, and how you can Change the Story for kids with cancer.

Team Captain: Jan Jones

Area: North Vancouver, Burnaby, The Valley

Notes: Group rides, Tip a Wee Dram Fundraiser

Team Captain: Tracey Barbaro, Kim Low

Area: Maple Ridge, South Surrey, Vancouver

Notes: Group fundraising, group training rides and must like to have fun!

Team Captain: Nadia Gale

Area: Vancouver

Notes: Group fundraisers & training rides

Team Captain: Michael Fargey

Area: Vancouver Island, Lower mainland, scattered throughout BC

Notes: Group training rides, group fundraising, high quality uniforms. Shorts to die for, creative, energetic, committed and humourous captain.

Team Captain: Steve Parsons, Mathew Acheson

Area: Fraser Valley- White Rock, Langley, Coquitlam

Notes: Group fundraising, group training rides and training schedule, team jersey

Team Captain: Kathy Pang

Area: Vancouver

Notes: Open to UBC students, staff, faculty, alumni and family and friends only. Group training rides and group fundraising

Team Captain: Connor Knickerbocker, Shane Devine

Area: North Shore

Notes: Young (mid 20's) group of dedicated riders who like to have fun, offer group training rides and team fundraising.

Team Captain: Karin Piche

Area: Prince George

Notes: Group training, large Gala fundraiser, community of Riders from the North

Team Captain: Rosita Chakardan

Area: All

Notes: We are the Dilawri Group of Companies® and the new National Support Vehicle Partner for the Ride to Conquer Cancer! We are looking forward to starting and growing our team and making a BIG IMPACT in our quest to CONQUER CANCER! Join Team Dilawri and receive a free team jersey! More benefits to be announced soon!


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